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The Queue: What is Atiesh doing in Draenor?


Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Adam Holisky (@adamholisky) will be your host today.

I give all credit of the above image to @AlternativeChat on Twitter this morning.

If anyone can answer me about what Atiesh is doing in Draenor, you'll win a prize. I don't know what prize, it might just be my gratitude or a drink at BlizzCon. But it's something.

And it's Atiesh. Just seeing it makes me stupid excited for the possibility of its return.

Pork asked:

What're our chances for a full blown troll expansion? The Zandalari have been up to no good for a while now, it seems a shame that they seemingly fizzled out as the first few bosses of ToT.

I know the chances are that we'll see some troll activity in WoD, but after the lack of real closure that we got in MoP regarding the Zandalari, it'd be something I think could be real interesting somewhere down the line.

I think it's pretty good, actually. It's something that I personally hope we don't see, but you know, given the love Blizzard has for them -- as well as other people -- I think it'll be something we get. I personally can't stand them, however. I'm not going to quit the game over a troll expansion, but I'm not going to love it, either.

Sophdog asked:

There's been very little info about battle pets in WoD, apart from the level cap remaining at 25 (good); and that there'll be new pets to catch/obtain. Breeding seems to have been shelved (sad face). Will there be pet tamer dailies?

You're right, there hasn't been a lot of info about the new battle pets. I'm kinda disappointed too -- I hope that this doesn't turn into a feature that gets minimal care and attention to it, like Archaeology.

I'm not entirely sure if pet breeding has been shelved, someone might know a tweet that I don't know about, but I've heard Blizz peeps talking about it recently, so while maybe it won't appear in the alpha, it'll certainly appear later on. As far as dailies go, there will be a new set of trainers to hit up, but no one is really sure what they'll be like. I can't imagine they'll be a step up in difficulty from what MoP offered -- there seems to be a realistic cap on how hard and complicated pet battles can get. I'd not like to see them advance into super theory crafting territory.

Basically we all just need to wait and see.

Scott asked:

OK, with the Holiday coming up:

What Warcraft Character would you want as your own Dad?


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