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Report: Battlefield Hardline to spawn novel beta for Xbox One


The cops versus robbers multiplayer beta test of Battlefield Hardline is currently exclusive to the PC and PlayStation 4, but Xbox One owners can expect a beta of their own at some point prior to the game's retail launch.

"We will have a beta on on all platforms before release," DICE general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson is quoted as saying by Total Xbox. "But it won't be this beta on Xbox. It's not going to be the same version, just to be clear."

Troedsson offered no further information on how the Xbox One beta might be different from the ongoing test, nor any word on when it might appear. Battlefield Hardline is slated to hit shelves on October 21, leaving a little over four months for the beta test to commence on Microsoft's hardware.

Those Xbox One owners who are suddenly fidgeting anxiously, dreaming about the moment they'll finally be able to live out their virtual dreams of starring in a Michael Mann heist film, should pass the time by poring over at our video preview of Battlefield Hardline.
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