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Automatic's updated iOS app tells you how much gas you've got left


Automatic brought its driving companion app (which, if you'll recall, pairs with a dongle in your car to deliver real-time driving feedback) to Android earlier this month, but it hasn't left iOS users out in the cold. The team just pulled back the curtain on version 2.0 for roadwarriors who have pledged allegiance to Apple, and that update has brought some nifty new tricks into the fold.

The iOS app underwent a touch of plastic surgery, but the real meat comes in the form of two new features for the lead-footed among you. In the early days, your Link dongle would bing at you once you tip-toed over the 70 mph threshold, but you can now tweak that speed limit to your like. More importantly, owners of certain cars will be able to see their current fuel level (along with a estimate of remaining range) on their phones, which sounds much better than trying to guess how much is left in the tank when the fuel light comes on. Yeah, yeah, some of this will sound passé if you tool around in a ride from the past few years, but there's a staggering chunk of people who could stand to smarten up their cars without breaking the bank.

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