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Qplay's video streaming service is now on Chromecast

Nicole Lee, @nicole

When TiVo founders Mike Ramsay and Jim Barton announced their curated video stream service called Qplay earlier this year, the only way you could play those queues -- or "Qs" -- on your TV was if you also purchased the Qplay TV adapter for $49. Otherwise, you could only view them on the iPad app, which was opened up to everyone only a couple of months ago. Starting today, however, you can relay those video playlists to your television with a Chromecast as well, which is about $14 less and a whole lot more versatile. "We wanted to bring Qplay to a larger audience," says Phil Peterson, the CEO of Qplay, as the reason behind opening it up to Chromecast. "We definitely want to expand the number of devices that Qplay can play on."

Further, the company is also introducing "Party Qs," which are video feeds that you and a group of friends can collaborate on together for viewing parties. You can also now add a hashtag to your Qs such as #worldcup or #nba so that they're easily searchable. Last but not least, Qplay has also added support for Facebook login. At last, it seems, Qplay is attempting to really break into the mainstream with its short-form video streaming service. If that sounds like an interesting proposition for you, head over to the source for more info or peek at the introduction video below.

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