TiVo co-founders' new Qplay web video service is now available for everyone

A little over a month ago, TiVo founders Mike Ramsay and Jim Barton announced Qplay, a service that lets users curate personalized video streams, or "Qs," from a variety of different sources. At the time, the only way you could use the iPad app and the service was to purchase the Early Adopter bundle, which gives you both the app and the TV adapter for $49. Today that restriction has been lifted and the app is now open and free to everyone, adapter not required. Along with the general availability of the app, Qplay has also introduced new video content from media curators like Vanity Fair and Reddit plus new video sources like College Humor, Funny or Die and the New York Times.

If you'd rather have the service create a Q for you, the company has curated a few more new ones as well, such as Late Night Funny, Movie Trailers and Photography. Further, the latest Qplay update will let you share those videos via Facebook, Twitter and email, just in case your friends aren't hip to the whole Qplay thing just yet. Of course, if you want to watch those Qs on an actual television, you still have to cough up that $49 for the aforementioned adapter. But if you're happy with just your iPad, you can now at least try your hand at this new take on streaming video without spending a dime. If you're still a little fuzzy on how the whole thing works, there's a handy dandy tutorial video after the break.