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Monsters will eat your birthday cake next week on mobile, PC in July


SleepNinja Games' top-down environmental puzzler Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake will launch next week on iOS and Android via Google Play and Amazon, publisher Cartoon Network confirmed to Joystiq today. The colorful Zelda-inspired game will first arrive on Thursday, June 26 before making its way to Steam for PC and Mac on July 1.

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake stars birthday boy Niko, whose delicious cake is stolen by Boogin King and his shadowy minions on the island of Gogapoe. It was initially pitched by SleepNinja as a puzzler with a "16-bit aesthetic without relying on pixel art." The game hauled in $26,091 on Kickstarter in February 2013 before being picked up by Cartoon Network in April. It will cost $3.99 on mobile and $14.99 on Steam, though the publisher said the Steam version is expected to be discounted at launch by roughly 20 percent.
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