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You won't believe how much an original iPhone costs these days


Do you have a brand new, original iPhone laying around inside of its sealed box? You probably don't, but if you do, you might be interested to hear that you could sell that outdated piece of smartphone history for a hefty sum of cash. How hefty? Well, how does US$15,000 sound?

As it was the debut smartphone from Apple, and of course the oldest, the number of devices in circulation is much smaller than subsequent models. The number of iPhone 2Gs that remain tucked away inside sealed boxes is smaller still, making them a valuable collectors item for some.

As the saying goes, something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and eBay makes finding that information a pretty straightforward affair. A quick search reveals many completed listings (meaning the item was purchased) for the iPhone 2G, with the smallest sale price sitting at $2,800. I repeat: That's the lowest price one has recently sold for.

On the higher end of things, a 4GB iPhone sealed in its box fetched a payday for its seller of $15,000. And this wasn't some weird mis-click; The feedback regarding the transaction was positive on both sides, with the buyer very happy with the purchase. But hey, it had free shipping, so that's a solid deal, right?

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