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Engadget Daily: Google I/O 2014, the deal with Android Wear and more!


Today, we discuss tomorrow's Google I/O conference, review the Galaxy Tab S, take a look at Misfit's new Pebble fitness tracking app and explore the potential of Google's Android Wear platform. Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last 24 hours.

What's on tap for Google at I/O 2014

Design, Develop, Disrupt: that's the theme for Google I/O 2014. And while that slogan isn't particularly revealing, we've compiled a handy guide of what to expect from this year's conference .

Android Wear could make or break the smartwatch

Google knows that the smartwatch industry is disjointed, and it's doing something about it. Read on as James Trew investigates the Android Wear platform and its potential to restructure the world of wearables.

Misfit's fitness tracker is now available as a Pebble app

Remember the Misfit Shine? Well, this curious little fitness tracker is being reimagined as an app on the Pebble smartwatch -- no Shine required. Said app is available in the Pebble appstore today, so download away.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S review: slim design, long battery life, stunning screen

Say hello to Samsung's latest slate, the Galaxy Tab S. Besides having a beautiful, crisp display and great battery life, this incredibly thin tablet matches the iPad Air nearly spec for spec. Available in 8- and 10-inch versions, the Tab S is up for pre-order at $400 and $500 respectively.

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