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Guild Wars 2's Gates of Maguuma open July 1st


Guild Wars 2 fans have been not-so-patiently awaiting news about the inbound second season of story content, which arrives beginning next week on July 1st with the Gates of Maguuma update. ArenaNet has today released a teaser video to prime players for what the new plotline will entail. Says the studio,
In this teaser, you'll see that the Zephyrites have been met with trouble and there are rumors of a disturbance in the tangled western reaches of Brisban Wildlands. When players log in on July 1, they will work together with their fellow GW2 counterparts as well as Marjory, Kasmeer, Rox, Braham and Taimi to discover what is going on. In addition, when you log in to experience the start of Living World Season 2, you can unlock the story content permanently in your Journal to play in the future.
The teaser video is included below.

[Source: ArenaNet press release]

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