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Perfect World prepping 3 games for Xbox One China launch


Chinese publisher Perfect World hopes to be among the first studios on Xbox One when it launches in China in September, Chief Executive Robert Xiao told GamesBeat. Perfect World has three studios working on projects for the Xbox One's Chinese launch.

"We have some studios working on projects already, building specifically for Xbox One," Xiao said. "Not only Chinese studios, but also studios we've acquired in the west. We have at least three studios working on console at this time. By the time Xbox One launches in China, we hope to be among the titles initially offered on the platform. We've been working for a while."

Perfect World has 4,700 employees, with roughly 2,000 in R&D doing product development. "An increasing number of those people are working on mobile," Xiao said. With the coming console push, he said the Chinese market is making its way to the global stage.

"More Chinese types of games - not just stories and characters, but business models as well - can be influential. Chinese gamers have completely different behavior compared to US players. But as the Chinese market gets bigger and stronger, more Chinese types of games will be introduced to the world. Different player behaviors will gradually fuse together, I think. There won't be such a clear line of separation around different parts of the world."

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