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Engadget Daily: Aereo loses, Android is in everything, and more!


Today, we explore the US Supreme Court's decision to pull the plug on Aereo, take a look at Android Auto, ponder Google's new cardboard VR headset and happily welcome Android device mirroring on the Chromecast. Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last 24 hours.

US Supreme Court rules Aereo's streaming service is illegal under copyright law

Aereo's been fighting an uphill battle for a while, but it looks like the final judgement has passed. Today, the US Supreme Court ruled that this live TV-streaming internet service was indeed illegal under copyright law.

'Cardboard' is Google's attempt at an inexpensive VR headset

Nope, what you're looking at isn't a corrugated paper View-Master, it's an origami-style VR headset. Appropriately dubbed Cardboard, Google's new DIY gadget uses your phone as the brains of an inexpensive virtual experience, which you can build from several household materials.

Chromecast can finally mirror your Android device's screen

Want to show off some vacation photos without passing your Android handset around the room? Well, thanks to a few upgrades to the Google Chromecast, you can. The $35 HDMI dongle now supports Android device mirroring.

Google boosts in-car connectivity with Android Auto

Today at Google I/O, the Open Automotive Alliance announce Android Auto: a completely voice-enabled, contextually based system that projects your phone's OS and apps onto your vehicle's screen. What's more, its APIs are shared by Google's Android Wear platform.

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