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TUG videos shows off new survival mode, more explorable biomes

MJ Guthrie

If you've been looking forward to testing out TUG's persistent survival mode, it's now here; alpha update 0.6.2 introduced the first phase this week. The update also includes new biomes to explore, new resources to gather, an extended hunger timer, and more. The Proving Grounds, the game's traditional arena mode, is still available to play. To get a peek at all the new biomes and other changes, watch the videos below and check the official patch notes.

Nerd Kingdom's Peter Salinas also shared with Massively what players can expect in the next update. Around July 11th, TUG will add "AI, goats to hunt and harvest for foods, cooking, farming, camp fires, and throwing spears." Players can get early access to the game on Steam.

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