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EU ratings board lists Stick It To The Man as Xbox One release


The Pan European Game Information group (the European analogue to America's ESRB) appears to have broken the news that oddball adventure Stick It To The Man will soon appear on Microsoft's Xbox One.

A search for the game's title on the PEGI website lists the Xbox One game as suitable for ages 12 and up, while stating that it features "[n]on realistic looking violence towards human characters" and "[m]ild bad language." That certainly sounds like Stick It To The Man, a game that centers on an unassuming fellow who wakes up one day to find that he has telekinetic powers thanks to a pink, noodly appendage that has inexplicably sprouted from his head. On a bizarre note, the listing claims that Stick It To The Man will be released on Xbox One on June 27 - today - though the game remains absent from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

This wouldn't be the first time PEGI has revealed a game's appearance prior to an official publisher announcement. The ratings board recently outed an Xbox One version of Warframe prior to its official unveiling, and did much the same for the Xbox 360 version of Peggle 2. That latter example is especially notable as PEGI had a similarly incorrect release date listed alongside PopCap's casual hit.
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