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Bungie: Destiny alpha's voice acting not final, budget 'nowhere near' $500 million

A lucky batch of Destiny fans explored part of the game's galaxy in a recent alpha, but that sampling left a considerable count of heroes with the same thought: is Peter Dinklage tired or something? The Game of Thrones actor voices Ghost, a floating device that accompanies players through firefights for justice, but some found his delivery to be weak and lifeless, even for a non-living piece of technology. Fans don't need to worry about it breaking immersion at Destiny's launch though, as a recent update from Bungie states that Ghost's lines have "already been updated for Beta," and that they'll also be "updated again for launch."

The update also dismisses the idea of a $500 million budget orbiting around Destiny, which Activision CEO Bobby Kotick described as a "$500 million bet" last month. While Bungie's update concedes that we would have to "ask Activision people" about the marketing budget's size, it concludes that Destiny's budget, "including associated marketing costs and pizza Wednesdays, is nowhere near 500 million dollars."

Lastly, anyone that's eager to know more about the achievements they'll chase in Destiny's planetary cluster can find a full list in Bungie's update.
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