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Golden freebies: Gotham City Impostors today, Guacamelee tomorrow


If you like the idea of wearing ridiculously extravagant costumes whilst beating up people, but don't have the money, lack of moral code or WWE career to support it, we're here for you with a friendly reminder: As part of Microsoft's Games with Gold service, Gotham City Impostors is free right now for Xbox Live Gold users. So go get already.

The Xbox 360 multiplayer shooter is joined tomorrow by wrestle-former Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition on Xbox One, and between those two you'll get enough masks, spandex and wacky violence to sustain you right through to winter.

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The new edition of Drinkbox's game is out today on PS4, then tomorrow on Xbox 360 and Wii U as well as Xbox One, regularly priced at $15. It includes all the DLC from the original release and fresh content that comprises areas, enemies and abilities, along with a new boss and multiple save slots.

By the sounds of it, Guacamelee stays put as an Xbox One Gold freebie throughout July, as does June carry-over Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Drinkbox's 2D fiesta replaces Halo: Spartan Assault tomorrow, marking today as your last chance to grab that game for nada. Over on Xbox 360, Gotham City Impostors stays a Gold freebie until July 15, then Battleblock Theater joins the service for the rest of the month.

[Image: Drinkbox Studios]

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