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Civilization Revolution 2 charges onto App Store, out now


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Civlization Revolution 2 is the first game in the series "developed and available exclusively for mobile devices," and you can get it now on iOS, priced $15/£10.49. Publisher 2K Games says Android owners can expect the follow-up to siege their storefronts "soon."

Released originally for consoles back in 2008, the first Civ Rev garnered a warm reception by combining the series' core strategy with smoother, friendlier design that suited the platforms. A DS version was also released with top-down 2D visuals in contrast to the 3D look on consoles, and that was mirrored in an eventual mobile port. In the words of one Alexander Sliwinski, the iOS version "may not be all it could have been on the eyes, but it definitely pokes the organ it's supposed to properly -- your brain."

Apart from a sleeker 3D look, Civ Rev 2 introduces new units, technology, buildings and wonders to the first game's arsenal, while Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy join the 16 returning leaders. However, according to multiple reports the mobile follow-up doesn't feature multiplayer, meaning you'll only be battling wits against AI opponents. That maybe isn't too surprising given 2K dropped multiplayer for the first game's iOS port, although it did introduce it in an update some years later.

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