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Google's Smarty Pins challenges you to a game of geography trivia


Google must have heard the cries of people desperate for something to do on lonely after-work nights, because it just launched a new trivia game called Smart Pins. Unlike QuizUp or Jeopardy, Smarty Pins (yes, the name's a pun) is a map-based game that tests your knowledge on geography across a number of categories. Think of it as sort of a reverse Google Maps search -- the game asks you a question, and you drop the famous Maps pin on the right location. For instance, we chose Entertainment when we tested it the first time, and the game asked us where you can find 42 Wallaby Way, which you might remember as P. Sherman's address in Finding Nemo.

Get the answer wrong, and the game won't only insult you just a bit ("Well, at least you got the planet right."), but also deduct miles from the 1,000 total you're given at the beginning of the game. You can move on to the next question without penalty if you put the pin on the correct location, but don't feel too bad if the game isn't too impressed ("Wow. Did you Google that? :)"). Thankfully, you'll at least start in the general region or country where the right answer's located, so you can blindly drop the pin and hope luck's on your side.

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