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Playdate: We're livestreaming 'Shovel Knight' for Wii U! (update: game over!)


Welcome, ladygeeks and gentlenerds, to the new era of gaming. The one where you get to watch, and comment, as other people livestream gameplay from next-gen consoles. Because games! They're fun!

In Shovel Knight, you're a knight with a shovel. Seems pretty simple, right? Well, that's kind of the point. The latest from developer Yacht Club Games is a trip back to the 8-bit days of yore, and it aims to scratch that nostalgic itch without requiring you to dig the Nintendo Entertainment System out of your closet. Depending on how you spend your gaming time, though, you might have to dust off your Wii U before giving this retro platformer a spin. Shovel Knight takes the best parts of classics like Mega Man, Castlevania, Legend of Zelda and a handful of others, tosses them in a blender and adds a few modern conveniences. Curious to see the outcome? Well, come back here at 4 PM Pacific/7 PM Eastern and watch as I hit everything with a shovel and try not to die whilst doing so.

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