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Original Mac team member boots up Mac 512K stored for 30 years (Updated)


Updated: Well, when I make mistakes, I make BIG mistakes. The photos here were taken by 21-year-old grad student Ariel Fink, who posted the photos on Reddit -- which were then retweeted by Chris Espinosa. For some reason, I don't remember seeing an "RT" on the tweet, and looking at the Reddit gallery from an iPad, I wasn't able to view the source link that credited Ariel. So many, many apologies to Ariel for attributing these photos to Chris Espinosa.

Chris Espinosa was a member of the original Mac team and is still an Apple employee -- with badge number 8! Yesterday he won the Internet with by retweeting a series of photos on Imgur showing a Mac 512K that had been in storage for 30 years booting up as if it had just come out of the store.

The Mac belonged to Espinosa's the mother of 21-year-old grad student Ariel FInk, who was just curious if it would still boot up. The 512K Mac was accompanied by an Imagewriter printer and an Apple Hard Disk 20. That's 20 megabytes, mind you, and it was a serial bus hard disk (I owned exactly the same setup).

Above, you can see the Mac running, while below is the trio of boxes that the equipment came in. More photos are available in the Imgur gallery. All photos by Chris Espinosa Ariel Fink.

Boxes for Mac 512K, Apple Hard Disk 20, and Imagewriter Printer

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