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Shovel Knight cheat unlocks Butt Mode


Shovel Knight is brimming with cheat codes – more than 300 collected in this Google Doc so far – but the most adorable, childishly hilarious code unlocks Butt Mode, a cheat that replaces recurring nouns in the game with the word "butt." It's like reading a Harry Potter book and replacing every instance of the word "wand" with "wang." Or playing Mad Libs. Either way, this is comedy gold.

Access Butt Mode in Shovel Knight by entering "X&BUTT" or "WSWWAEAW" in the name entry screen. As with all cheat codes in Shovel Knight, applying Butt Mode means you won't be able to complete any "feats," the game's achievements.

Yacht Club Games tweeted the cheat code this week, and CastleGeekSkull shows off Butt Mode on YouTube, proving that yes, it is as funny as it sounds. And we are all 6 years old. See that video below.
[Image: Yacht Club Games]

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