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Bark out orders in There Came an Echo's War Room

Guiding a squad of soldiers through a campaign of missions with just your voice might take some practice, but There Came An Echo's War Room could serve as a pretty serviceable training ground. Whereas Iridium Studios' Jason Wishnov describes Echo's campaign as "narratively complex," War Room will let field commanders get right to the battlefield and experiment with weapons, voice commands and strategies to defeat waves of enemies.

If you're of the "I'll believe it when I see it" mindset, Wishnov stated that the trailer's voice commands were "captured live and unedited," but it should be noted that the above demonstration of War Room is pre-alpha footage, and it isn't specified which version of Echo was used for the recording. You'll be able to call the shots when Echo reaches Steam later this year, with PS4, Xbox One, Mac and Linux versions also in the works.
[Image: Iridium Studios]

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Happy 7-11, Ludwig! Remember. Free slurpee today.

In addition to the glory of said slurpees, we here at Iridium Studios have released a gameplay video of the new War Room mode of There Came an Echo. Unlike
the narratively complex campaign, the War Room lets players jump right into the action, experimenting with various weapons, voice commands, and tactics to defeat waves
of enemies spiralling ever-higher in difficulty.

This video also represents the first extended look at actual gameplay within There Came an Echo, coming to Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. All voice commands contained therein
were captured live and unedited. It represents a massive step forward for voice interfaces in games, and we couldn't be more excited to bring it to players all over the world.

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