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Skullgirls animator taking pre-orders on limited sketchbook

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Mariel Cartwright, lead animator for Lab Zero Games' hand-drawn fighter Skullgirls, is taking pre-orders (link possibly NSFW) from anyone who would like to place her sketchbook among their library. Previously available to fans who made the journey to Anime Expo, the sketchbook will only be available for pre-order online until July 31. If you don't put your name on the list before then, you'll have to voyage to Anime Expo 2015 to get your mitts on it.

The book features 80 pages of black-and-white sketches of Cartwright's art, and will cost $20. If you're hard up for cash, you can always appreciate her work on Tumblr (some art NSFW).
[Image: Mariel Cartwright]

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