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Comcast buys 'smart internet' startup to build better routers


Last year, Skydog was an interesting Kickstarter project promising a cloud-based router built to give better individual control over your connected devices through its mobile app. Now, TechCrunch reveals its parent company PowerCloud Systems has been acquired by Comcast as a part of its quest to provide "smart internet." Comcast's Tyson Marian tells VentureBeat that the kind of tech this could lead to includes "smart internet" modem/router combos that track and manage the devices on your network. That way they can be set up to connect directly or have access walled off from the rest of the network for security, all controlled through a simple app. This is the kind of network management that's already possible, but the point here is to make it easy enough for anyone to use (that Comcast could use it to tier pricing based on what kind of devices you're using or how many also comes to mind.) Existing Skydog customers can expect their devices to keep operating for their 3-year service subscription, but there is "currently no commitment of service" beyond that.

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