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Joystiq Streams: Haunting Ground boards Mid-Summer Terror Train [UPDATE: Relive the stream!]

Horror need not be relegated to the sweet browns and reds of October! Must we wait until fall to get scared stupid like Ernest or all those dupes playing Slender on YouTube? No! Let us delight in the dumb scares of a dark movie theater, redolent with stale popcorn smells. Let us remember the creeping unease as we walked through that ridiculous haunted house at the boardwalk. Let us remember each and every freaky story told with maximum chutzpah around a roaring campfire.

Joystiq's Mid-Summer Terror Train, wherein we stream horror games both new and old every day for a week, rolls out of the station at 4PM EST today on Our first tale of terror is Haunting Ground, a Capcom game that involves hanging out with a dog and running away from a dude who looks like a morbidly obese Toxic Avenger. Join us!

Mid-Summer Terror Train streams air all week at 4PM EST on and
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