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Deezer gets rid of paid music streaming plans on the desktop


Sure, PCs aren't going anywhere anytime soon. But there's no denying people nowadays also prefer to listen to music on a smartphone, tablet and even a gaming console, not just their laptop or desktop. So, taking a cue from rival Spotify, streaming service Deezer is now prepared to stop charging users for its web-only, ad-free listening experience. Earlier today, Deezer confirmed this to The Next Web, stating that its Premium desktop place was no longer required because "listeners needs have changed." As a result, Deezer's service will only offer two options going forward -- one of which is free with ads and usage caps, the other being a £10-per-month, unlimited and ad-free plan. The obvious winner: users. Thanks to this, you can stream tunes on your computer free of charge, so long as you're willing to deal with pitches from companies here and there.

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