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Microsoft 'working toward a fix' for Xbox Live service woes [update]


The PlayStation Network isn't the only online gaming and multimedia hub having troubles today, as the Xbox Live Service Status website is reporting limited availability of Microsoft's service.

"It's come to our attention that some of our members are unable to sign in to Xbox Live," reads a blurb attached to the notification of limited Xbox Live availability. "You can rest assured knowing that we're doing all that we can to correct this issue right away. Thanks for being patient while we work." Alongside the Xbox Live core services and purchase and content usage systems, the site also reports problems with the PBS and Twitch media apps. While users are reporting playback problems with the Twitch app, the PBS app seems to have simply vanished.

There's no word on when these services will resume full functionality, but Microsoft promises to keep users abreast of the situation with frequent website updates.

Update: A tweet from Xbox Support claims the Xbox Live sign-in issues have now been fixed.
[Image: Microsoft]

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