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You can now listen to headphones through your hoodie


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So you just bought a flashy pair of headphones, and you're worried that your hoodie might prevent you from flaunting your new gear. Are you stuck? Not if you pick up Betabrand's upcoming Audio Engineer jacket. Its hood is made of the same "acoustically transparent" fabric you'd find in a nice set of speakers, letting any sound pass through while keeping your noggin relatively dry and warm. There are also holes for your headphone cables or portable audio gear, and you'll even find a diagram to help you make any wiring permanent.

If you're interested, Betabrand is taking pre-orders through an already successful crowdfunding campaign. Spending $142 will get you the all-black attire when it ships in late October. And before you ask: yes, the company knows that wearing a set of cans over your hood can look decidedly silly. The jacket is partly meant for producers stuck in the studio, or DJs who want to cover up during an outdoor gig. Don't be surprised if you raise a few eyebrows by wearing a hoodie-plus-headphones combo on the street, no matter how stylish your hardware might be.

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