B&O Play H3, H6 headphones debut stateside: danish design, premium prices

B&O Play H3, H6 headphones debut stateside aluminumclad danish design, premium prices

It was just last month that Bang & Olufsen unveiled the H3 and H6 headphones under its cheaper-to-enter B&0 Play brand for the EU. Today, B&O introduced these two dapper additions stateside, announcing them at its SoHo NY shop. If you'll recall, the aluminum-clad H3 in-ears pack 10.3mm drivers aided by mini bass ports, while the H6 over-ears feature 40mm drivers and a healthy heaping of leather-wrapped memory foam padding. Both have an iOS-friendly inline remote and straight 3.5mm-capped cabling. We spent some time with the H6 and we're surprised at how light it is -- which also made for an extremely comfortable first impression when it was placed around this editor's ears. The sound from the H6's drivers is crispy and light with a fairly flat voicing that's free of any noticeable sibilance. A 3.5mm input resides on each of its earcups, which allows for daisy-chaining so you can listen with a buddy. We're told the H3 intra-aurals should sound similar (we couldn't get a clean pair to jam in our ears). %Gallery-187820%

Expect to pay $250 for the H3 and $400 for the H6 come July, which is a bit pricier than the likes of B&W's P3 and P5 headphones. We'll have to get back to you about whether the prices match the products, but grab a look in the gallery for now.