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Journey, Until Dawn, more from Sony heading to PS4


A now-removed post at Sony's Gamescom landing page revealed a handful of new PlayStation 4 games ahead of the publisher's planned Gamescom showing, IGN reports.

Sony's full Gamescom lineup, reprinted at NeoGAF, includes PlayStation 4 versions of Thatgamecompany's Journey, Supermassive Games' long-dormant PlayStation Move horror game Until Dawn, and Q-Games' newest PixelJunk series entry Nom Nom Galaxy.

Other highlights include PlayStation 4 ports for Hustle Kings, Pix the Cat, and The Unfinished Swan, which was recently outed by a content ratings submission in Korea.

The leaked lineup follows Sony's recent announcement that it would court an audience of lapsed gamers with PlayStation 4 ports for several high-profile PS3 games. None of the list's previously unannounced games have been confirmed, but many will likely make their first showing at Gamescom next month.

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