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Just you and your Shadow Warrior on consoles this September


Bandai Namco confirmed it's bringing Shadow Warrior to PS4 and Xbox One in Europe on September 26. Majesco's not yet announced a US date beyond "late September," but GameStop's listing of September 23 tallies with the typical three-day gap between regions.

Described as a "bold re-imagining" of 3D Realms' 1997 shooter, the new Shadow Warrior hit PC around the same time last year. It retained a few Lo Wang jokes but toned down the stereotyping, delivering a more modern mix of first-person shooting and swordfighting.

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According to Bandai Namco, the new console versions introduce a horde-like arena mode in which Lo Wang fights off waves of enemies, as well as new campaign content. There's also a variety of "exclusive" weapons including some from Devolver Digital's arsenal of games, such as the Serious Sam 3 sledgehammer and the Hotline Miami katana.

If you're wondering if it's enough Wang for your buck, the asking price is $40 stateside.

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