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Deadpool breaks fourth wall, colored tiles in Marvel Puzzle Quest

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Enjoy that Deadpool footage that leaked earlier this week? Well, that's not the only appearance The Merc With A Mouth made at San Diego Comic-Con. The Marvel Games panel revealed that our dear red friend will also be making an appearance in Marvel Puzzle Quest, the match-three battle game on iOS, Android and Steam.

It sounds like neither puzzles nor quests are exactly Deadpool's thing, as the episode he appears in is titled "Deadpool vs. Marvel Puzzle Quest." Makes sense to us; about the only thing Deadpool enjoys more than slicing up bad guys and eating delicious chimichangas is breaking the fourth wall.

Deadpool's debut episode is available now.
[Image: D3Publisher]

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Marvel Puzzle Quest Introduces DEADPOOL at The Marvel Games Panel at San Diego Comic-Con

The Marvel Games Panel just concluded and Marvel Puzzle Quest was one of the featured games during the panel. During the panel, the following information was revealed to attendees.

· Deadpool is coming to Marvel Puzzle Quest! Starting on August 1st in the upcoming Episode titled Deadpool vs. Marvel Puzzle Quest, Deadpool will star in his very own episode and be available for player's roster at the conclusion of the event.

· A new gameplay feature to be introduced on July 29th called Team-Up. Team-Up brings heroes into battle that aren't in your roster. It will add huge amounts of tactical flexibility for players looking to take down their opponents by providing a larger selection of Marvel characters for their squad.

· A brand new gameplay trailer from San Diego Comic-Con is now available and can be found on YouTube here

· And finally, the Dark Reign subtitle of the game has been removed as the game in the coming months will be branching into other realms in the Marvel Universe.

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