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Park offers gadget lockers to stop smartphones spoiling the view


If one of Britain's most beautiful national parks isn't enough to tear you away from your smartphone, maybe this will. The New Forest National Park has launched Tech Creche so that you can't give into temptation and check Twitter when you should be drinking in the scenery. Basically, you hand your smartphone and tablet over to a staff member, who places it inside a safe, er, the Tech Creche for the rest of the day. Then you're free to wander around the forest and see its wildlife, landscapes and rich cultural heritage without the lure of Kardashian-based hashtag japery. The free service is based at the concierge building near Brockenhurst Railway station, is open between 9am- 10pm and will operate all the way through to September 14th. Because, yes, in 2014, valet parking for your smartphone is something you apparently need.

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