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iStat Menu 5 for Mac brings big improvements


iStat Menu is a powerful system monitoring tool that gives you a clear, simple, explanation of the resources your computer is currently using. For US$16 the app monitors everything from CPU activity to your internal fan speed, showing you real time results at a glance via the menu bar. The app has just been updated to iStat Menus 5, and developer Bjango says it's their biggest update yet.

The app has been redesigned, including new menu bar icons, dropdown menus, and an overall refreshed look to the interface for a cleaner experience. iStat Menus 5 introduces new Yosemite and Mavericks only features including support for memory pressure and compressed memory, as well as showing which apps which are using significant amounts of energy. The update also introduces enhanced per-app stats which show how much bandwidth an app uses or its upload/download activity.

Network stats have also been improved, bringing more details than ever before including router address, subnet mask, DNS and MAC address, and Wi-Fi details like signal to noise ratio. You can find iStat Menu for download here. The app costs $16 brand new for a single license or $24 for a five computer license. Users who have already purchased iStat Menu 3 or 4 can grab a single license for $9.99 or a family pack of licenses for $14.99.

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