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State of Decay dev unveils mobile, multiplayer RPG Moonrise


Undead Labs' next project departs the open-world, zombie apocalypse of State of Decay in favor of optimistic, dreamy fantasy and Pokemon-style companions.

Dubbed "Moonrise," the multiplayer, mobile roleplaying game centers on the titular Moonrise, an event that causes creatures known as Solari to turn from humanity's peaceful pals to murderous beasts known as Lunari. As a Warden, it's your job to defeat the Lunari (which, helpfully, turns them back into Solari and adds a new ally to your cause). If you get bored of beating on computer-controlled critters, you can also use your squad of loyal Solari to battle other Wardens via online multiplayer.

Undead Labs plans to launch a Moonrise beta test on iPhone, iPad and Android devices this Fall. Assuming all goes to plan, Moonrise will make its official debut in "early 2015."
[Image: Undead Labs]

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