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DeNA and 22 Cans bestow Godus upon iOS devices

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Godus, the game that gives you phenomenal cosmic power, is now available on an itty-bitty living space: your iOS device screens. Mobile game developer / publisher DeNA has translated Peter Molyneux's game that quite literally lets you play god for Apple's iPad and iPhone, while simultaneously removing the price tag, meaning Godus is free to download and play.

Meanwhile, the PC version of Godus continues to evolve on Steam Early Access, with a recent post announcing that those who contribute "the most interesting, informative and helpful articles" to the Godus Wiki will receive signed merchandise from the team at developer 22 Cans.
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22cans and DeNA Bring Godus to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Celestial Game Transcends to Mobile, Giving Players Divine Power

SAN FRANCISCO – August 7, 2014 – DeNA, a global leader in developing and publishing mobile games, today announced the launch of Godus, an eye-catching reimagining of the god game developed by the genre's creator Peter Molyneux and his team at the 22cans game studio. Available now on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Godus allows the player to play as god, giving them the role of an omnipotent deity, devoutly worshiped by their followers and in complete command of the fate of their people.

"In Godus your hands will sculpt the mountains and carve rivers. Your touch will create pastures for your people. You will be loved by tiny worshipers that need your help to grow and your direction to progress through the ages of civilization. Power comes to you through influence, and your miracles guide the forces of nature. You must decide whether to use such awesome power for good or ill. As you progress through the game you will find history hidden in the land through mysterious artefacts that uncover the true story behind your Followers. By journeying to far off lands to complete quests, you will bring back powerful abilities for your ever-gracious people. I'm fascinated to see how players wield such powers on mobile," describes Peter Molyneux, game designer and founder of 22cans.

Godus on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch will evolve over time. Future updates will put more powers in the hands of its players where the outcomes will be as unpredictable as they are thrilling. Moving forward, Godus will connect gamers to a seemingly endless world where they will clash with rival gods, compete in live challenges, and unlock surprising new abilities to advance their primitive population to modernity.

"Peter Molyneux is the pioneer of developing immersive god games, and Godus is a direct reflection of his passion and creativity," said Barry Dorf, vice president of partnerships and alliances at DeNA. "By bringing Godus to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, DeNA is looking forward to introducing the god game genre to a new generation of players. The artificial intelligence on display within the game is especially impressive as everything the player sculpts in the game's environment directly affects how the followers react and respond."

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