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Apple contributes $1.6 million to Chinese earthquake relief


Apple and China have had a somewhat shaky relationship as of late -- with state-run news decrying the iPhone as a threat and rumors of government bans on Apple products (though there seems to be some conflicting reports on this point) -- but in the wake of China's 6.5 magnitude quake that hit the country over the weekend, the company is doing its best to help out. As reported by CRIENGLISH, Apple is donating 10 million yuan, or roughly US$1.6 million, to the relief efforts.

The earthquake was centered in China's Yunnan Province, and caused more than 600 deaths and over 3,100 injuries, making it the worst quake to hit the area in the past century. Thousands of additional individuals have been evacuated from their homes to prevent further injury from the secondary effects of the quake, such as landslides and flooding.

Apple's charitable attitude is nothing new for the company, which has a history of donating to disaster relief and various other causes.

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