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    BubbleSum is a game too hard to pop

    BubbleSum for iOS is a quick and simple numbers game. The goal of is to test hand-eye coordination. The game requires iOS 7.0 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

    In BubbleSum, bubbles with numbers drift upwards from the bottom of the screen with the goal of equaling a hundred. The player has to tap on positive number bubbles with white text and avoid negative number bubbles with red text. But there is another catch, you only have twenty seconds per round.

    When I first started playing BubbleSum, I thought this would be a fun challenge. Unfortunately, the bubbles go by too quickly for me to do well. They also rapidly change from positive to negative. I found myself with negative bubbles even though I tapped them when they were positive.

    BubbleSum screenshot

    My best score was a forty-five and I feel that it was all from luck, as I franticly tapped as many bubbles in the time limit. There is also a giant ad at the top of the screen, which never goes away. This takes up too much space and makes BubbleSum look more like a billboard than a game.

    The game does feature interesting music and it has a cool floating bubble on the title screen. However, these perks do not redeem the game's intense difficulty. Even though BubbleSum is free, I cannot recommend it.

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