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Crytek CEO: company is 'absolutely' safe, bankruptcy 'never the case'


If Crytek's "transitional phase" remains sustainable, it will become a go-to example among industry insiders of how not to handle such a difficult time. Speaking with Eurogamer, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli opens up about how the company has shifted its strategy from retail to software as a service, which was clearly not handled internally with the transparency required to control chatter.

"[Going] out of business or bankruptcy, in my mind, was never the case. We have tried to communicate this as much as we can to everybody. But I understand some employees of Crytek have been in other companies under similar situations and they have gone out of business," Yerli told Eurogamer. "We have a lot of substance in Crytek."

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Yerli rejected speculation Crytek needed to unload the Homefront intellectual property and Crytek UK to survive. Homefront was recently sold to Deep Silver, which opted to open up a new studio. He says the recent financing Crytek received will allow it to focus in the short term on Warface, Arena of Fate and Hunt.

"That transformation was painful. We paid the price. Now we come out of it much stronger. I hope people will see through our games these are not just empty words," said Yerli. The full interview available at Eurogamer covers a lot of ground.

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