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#killallzombies makes undead slaughter social

S. Prell, @SamPrell

#killallzombies isn't the newest trend on Twitter (though if it were, we imagine you'd have bigger concerns right now, like whether your doors are properly barricaded), it's a new game coming to PlayStation 4 from developer Beatshapers.

So what's with the hashtag? According to post on the PlayStation Blog, #killallzombies takes place in a future where slaughtering zombies is an arena sport, televised for mass viewing pleasure. Meanwhile, in the real world, players can influence each others' games via Twitch integration on the PS4. When you play #killallzombies, an audience streaming your game can vote on one of two literally game-changing options every 80 seconds. Whether it's new enemies being spawned, challenges to overcome or perks, gameplay is always shifting.

Beatshapers hopes to release #killallzombies sometime next month, but notes that progress depends on how QA testing goes. Hey, with the share function on PS4, do you think those zombies take a good #SELFIE?
[Image: Beatshapers]

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