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WRUP: Expansion predictions

Alex Ziebart

Another weekend is upon us. Who cares, though? Sure, free time, blah blah blah. What we really care about is the release date announcement this upcoming Thursday. Join us as we tell you what we're doing this weekend (as if you care) and try to predict the release date anew.

Adam Holisky (@AdamHolisky) I'll be spending a lot of quality time with the beta. I predict September 23rd, have predicted that from the start and I'm holding out hope!

Alex Ziebart (@AlexZiebart) I'm planning to see Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend, though it's likely I've already done it by the time you read this! Beyond that, I'll be back to adventures in beta testing.

I'm predicting patch 6.0 will release in September, but we won't get the expansion itself until October.

Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) I'm going to be spending the weekend writing as usual, although I might see if I can sneak another trip to go see Guardians of the Galaxy in there. Bonus question: I'm thinking probably at this point somewhere early October. Like the 7th or the 14th. Excited to see the trailer, though, and the new series they were talking about!

Elizabeth Harper (@Faience) I think it's a NyQuil weekend for me. I've been sick all week and I'm going to see if I can sleep it off.

Sarah Pine (@ilaniel) We're planning on going hiking this weekend, other than that it'll be beta city. As for release date, I too predict the end of September-ish. I certainly hope it's not any later!

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