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'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare' proves that games are better with jetpacks and lasers


It's easy to get cynical about game franchises that release every year, but from the looks of it, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is shaking things up quite a bit. For starters, developer Sledgehammer Games' first effort brings jetpacks and frickin' lasers to the online battlefield. Joystiq recently got some hands-on time with the title's multiplayer suite, and, based on the video below, came away pretty impressed. One of editor-in-chief Ludwig Kietzmann's biggest takeaways is that the aforementioned jetpack, specifically, makes it a little easier to live longer and thus dole out more pain. And no, don't worry, you're forgiven if you come away thinking that Advanced Warfare looks more than a little like Titanfall. Well, without the titans, that is -- there's a sort of Volcano / Dante's Peak thing going on here.

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