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ViaSat adds 'virtually unlimited' Freedom satellite internet plan for $70 per month

Zach Honig

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It didn't happen overnight, but ViaSat's finally on its way to transforming the satellite internet space, be it through speedy in-flight WiFi on JetBlue and United or the Exede residential service. That latter product, while the fastest internet option for customers without access to cable or fiber, isn't without its critics, due in no small part to some rather prohibitive monthly data caps. Well, no more. The company's new Freedom plan, available beginning August 18th for $70 per month (or $60 when bundled with phone service), delivers "virtually unlimited" access for streaming, web browsing and anything else you might plan to do. Officially, there's a monthly cap of 150 GB, but ViaSat likely won't enforce that limit. Of course, Exede still won't be a fit for downloading terabytes of video or linking up your remote server farm, but if you plan to do some work during the day and stream an HD movie each night, you should be good to go.

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