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Go flex your Flak Cannon skills in the 'Unreal Tournament' alpha right now


How's this for irony? If you're the impatient type, an alpha version of the forthcoming Unreal Tournament is available for download right this instant. It'll almost assuredly push your grit to its limits, though. As is typically the case with prototype games, you might rip out more than a few hairs over unbalanced weapons and possible game-breaking bugs because, well, it's a work in progress. The development team at Epic Games says that the shooter will be updated every Friday to tie up the likely multitude of loose ends ahead of the final product. If any other "worthy" changes crop up before that, IGN reports the patches could be more frequent. So, if you want in on some of the action Epic teased earlier this summer, now's your chance.

Correction: The alpha build isn't an official Epic Games release, but instead a product of the Unreal Engine 4 development community.

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