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Google's experimental Hangouts app borrows inspiration from Facebook

Matt Brian, @m4tt

Ever since it ditched Google Talk and integrated everything into Hangouts, Google's messaging service has become pervasive on mobile and the web. While the search giant routinely adds new features, a bigger update could be on the way, at least according to a new leak from Chrome tinkerer Florian Kiersch. He got his hands on a recent test build of Hangouts, known internally as UltraViolet, that shows Google is testing a new interface that mimics the "chat heads" found in Facebook's Messenger app on Android. According to Kiersch, floating profile icons are just one of the many UI changes expected to come to Hangouts in the near future, but thanks to the experimental nature of the leaked browser app, it's the only new feature we're able to lay eyes on, at least for now.

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