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New Nintendo eShop releases: Mega Man BC Challenge, Double Dragon 2


Capcom continues its quest to roll out a new Mega Man game in the eShop every week in August with Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, a GBA-exclusive spinoff in the Battle Network subseries. Battle Chip Challenge joins the Wii U's eShop catalog this week alongside recently released series entries Mega Man 5 and Mega Man Battle Network.

Retrogaming fans can also get their hands on the NES version of Double Dragon 2 via the Wii U's Virtual Console service this week. Double Dragon 2 arrives with its two-player option intact, but please be considerate if you have friendly fire enabled -- your partner probably won't be too happy if an errant whirlwind kick ends them flying off a cliff.

Nintendo has more NES classics in store for the Wii U eShop by the end of the month, including Konami's Gradius follow-up Life Force and Donkey Kong Jr. Math, an early 8-bit release that commands a surprisingly high price on eBay despite its formulaic gameplay.

Other Wii U eShop highlights this week include Ubiquitous Entertainment's vertically scrolling shoot'em-up Gaiabreaker and PhobosLab's twin-stick shooter XType Plus. while 3DS owners can look forward to Collavier's action-puzzler Amida's Path and a demo version of the upcoming Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit! A full list of this week's featured games is after the break below.

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