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Sony wants you to buy whole albums so badly they made an app for it


iTunes changed music in a number of ways, but one of the biggest impacts was the freedom it gave consumers to purchase only the music they absolutely needed. Buying a couple of songs here, and a couple more there, meant that "filler" songs would no longer cut it, and in order to entice someone to buy an entire album, you'd have to either make an album full of hits or offer them at a huge discount. Sony's new Album Of The Day app takes the latter approach.

The app does just one thing: it offers a 24-hour discount on a single album from a high-profile artist. To help sell you on each new offer, you can preview some tunes from the album being discounted and read a bit about the artist or band before clicking the "Download on iTunes" button.

When each deal expires, a new one is ready to roll and users can enable push notifications to get each new discount sent directly to them. In short, it's a bit like agreeing to an ad being sent to your phone every day, but with prices slashed by as much as 50% on each album, it's not a bad deal if you're in search of some new tunes.

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