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Breakfast Topic: What did you think of Lords of War?

Anne Stickney

Along with Thursday's cinematic reveal, we got the first episode of Lords of War, a new animated series from the same crew that brought us The Burdens of Shaohao. I have to admit that the reason I was excited about this expansion wasn't just the potential for draenei lore -- which I'm completely in love with on the beta so far -- but the addition of backgrounds and history for all the assorted orc clans found throughout Warcraft. These clans have always had evocative names, but little depth in terms of how they got those names, or how long they'd been around.

The teaser trailer only got me more excited, because we're finally going to get some background on orc clans we knew very little about. Durotan was covered pretty well in Rise of the Horde, but this is a different Draenor we're visiting, and his story may be a little different as well. However, we know next to nothing about Grommash and Kilrogg -- both were briefly mentioned in Rise of the Horde, but how they rose to power was never really addressed. It's new lore, and I always appreciate that.

What did you guys think of Lords of War? Are you looking forward to the remaining episodes? Were you hoping to see more of the storytelling methods used in The Burdens of Shaohao? What kinds of stories do you think Blizzard should animate and tell next? What areas of lore do you want to see fleshed out?

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