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Virgin America passes out Nexus 7s to crew members


Nexus 7 tablets will soon be a common sight on Virgin America planes, but unlike other airlines that lend passengers tablets for entertainment, you can only use them if you're part the crew. On a VA plane, you can easily order grub by pressing a special "food button" on an in-flight entertainment system's touchscreen panel or on a seat's armrest remote control. When you do press the button, the order's relayed to (you guessed it) a tablet connected to the system. Well, the company felt that it was time to replace its old tablets, so its employees took the Nexus 7 for an obviously successful 30-day test run. Branson and his cohorts (who've decided to call the modified 7-inch device the CrewPad) have already begun handing out new tablets to flight crew members. But, with a 9-inch entertainment system in front of them and several programming options to keep them occupied, it's not like passengers have any reason to feel envious.

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