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Uber's Corner Store delivery service takes aim at Amazon in Washington, DC


Uber leveraged couriers in NYC to deliver goods a few months back, and now it's offering drop-offs of convenience items to folks in certain areas of Washington, DC. The company's Corner Store "experiment" uses its drivers to take over 100 items -- like toothpaste, vitamins, allergy medicine and others -- to folks in need who make a request through the smartphone app. Along the bottom of the UI, there's now an appropriately-named option that allows you to set/confirm your location, and if a driver is free for a delivery, you'll get a list of what's available before they call to take your order. The system is already in place in cities across the US for its car service, so leveraging idle Uber drivers for a diaper run takes aim at Amazon's (and others) same-day delivery. Right now, the service is available during the week from 9 AM to 9 PM and the outfit says the program is only slated to run for a limited time. Unless, of course, it's super popular.

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