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NHL 15 hits the ice with six game modes, EASHL absent


Publisher EA has unveiled a list of the game modes to be included in the upcoming hockey simulation NHL 15, and it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a modern EA Sports production.

When you absolutely, must play hockey this very second, NHL 15 offers the de rigueur "Play Now" mode. For more depth and persistent stat tracking, NHL 15 includes the "Be A Pro" and "Be A GM" modes, which allow players to assume the roles of either a pro hockey player or a team's general manager, respectively. "Online Versus" is exactly what it sounds like: An online multiplayer mode that pits two (or more) players against one another. "Hockey Ultimate Team" adds a virtual card-based collectible wrinkle to NHL 15's on-ice gameplay, while "NHL Moments Live" allows users to "relive, recreate or alter some of the most exciting situations from the current NHL Season." Notably absent from the list are the fan-favorite six-on-six EASHL mode and the Connected GM mode.

EA claims that while these are the game modes that will ship with NHL 15, the development team may change things as time goes on. "As part of the move to next generation consoles, our team is focused on delivering significant content updates post launch," reads a message from producer Sean Ramjagsingh. "Our commitment is to continue to optimize the gameplay experience for you in the months to come, as well as deliver new game content throughout the year for free."

Edit: The above description of the NHL Moments mode was originally incorrect. It has sinced been fixed.
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